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PURVEYR Magazine Issue 1: Beginning


In the first issue we interviewed creative Filipino individuals to share their stories and their pursuits – Rik Rasos, Raoul Reinoso, Erwan Heussaff, Valerie Chua, and Abra, Rjay Ty and Alex Omiunu of LDP.

Rik Rasos is the co-founder of local contemporary streetwear label, Proudrace. He talked about how they started, what their brand means to them, and how a brand can last.

Raoul Reinoso is the Marketing Director and co-founder of basketball specialty brand, Titan. He shared their passion for the sport, and how Titan was made to be encompass everything about it locally, from retail, events and publishing.

Erwan Heussaff is a well-known restaurateur and food blogger. He explains how his journey to become more fit inspired him to start a food lifestyle blog which propelled him to become a household name in the local industry.

Valerie Chua is a prominent artist who's known for her water coloring skills. She shares her story from being a lifestyle blogger to pursuing a career in art.

LDP is a hip-hop group that is composed of Abra, Rjay Ty and Alex Omiunu. We talked to them about their group's earlier days, the local hip-hop scene, and their own pursuits as artists.

Other features include; Egg Fiasco, THE Clothing, Baler, etc.

180 Pages
8.5" x 11"